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Weekday Services According to the Ashkenazi Tradition

Charles Davidson


A complete guide to the authentic cantorial improvisation for the three weekday services, Shaharit, Minha and Ma'ariv.

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Chanting the Haggadah: Selected Passages

Max Wohlberg

Charles Davidson, Editor


BRAND NEW! A must for anyone who leads a Seder, this beautifully illustrated book will guide leaders in how to chant the Hebrew narrative of the Passover Seder.

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Immunim I: Exploring the Jewish Musical Modes: A Manual for Self Study

Charles Davidson

"This book clearly presents concepts which experienced hazzanim know instinctively but have not yet articulated." ~Raymond Goldstein, Jerusalem

A guide to the authentic cantorial improvisation in the Jewish modes, with examples from the master composers.Immunim I explains the Adonai Malach, Ahavah Rabbah, Magen Avot, Ukrainian Dorian Hexachord, Seliha Manner, and Amidah Pentatonic Aspects.

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Immunim II: Hallel - The Motives and Modal Patterns of the Hallel Service

Charles Davidson

A guide to the authentic chanting of the Hallel psalms.

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Immunim III: Sefer Hadrakhah, 3rd Ed



Charles Davidson

NEW EDITION: includes a brand new section devoted to the Weekday Service. 

Immunim III: Sefer Hradakhah, 3rd Edition

An Annotated Guide and Commentary on the Application of Nusah Hatefillah Beminhag Ashkenaz  for the Liturgical Year

This new edition contains an in-depth exploration of the three daily prayer services: Shaharit, Minha and Ma'ariv.

"I purchased two of your books (having already owned the third), which taught me everything I needed to know about the music theory of nusach in order to pass the ACC Certification exam."                                          Cantor Sharon Steinberg, Alexandria, VA

"I recommend Davidson's . . . book as a necessary and mandatory component of every hazzan's library."
Hazzan Gregory Yaroslow - San Bernardino, CA

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Praise for Immunim III

"I am providing your three books to my CICA students as their basic Nusa texts. There has not been anything like them."

azzan Alberto Mizrachi, Anshe Emet Synagogue, Chicago, IL

"Charles Davidson's extensive and scholarly work on Nusa, Sefer Hadrakhah, is perhaps the most important book on this subject since the publication of Baer's Ba'al Tefillah. We encourage every colleague to purchase this volume for his/her library."

azzan Stephen J. Stein, Executive Vice President, The Cantors Assembly of America


"In this book, Davidson has managed to bottle both the wisdom and the musicality of his teacher, Max Wohlberg z"l. plus his own vast experience of over four decades of teaching Nusa  to   generations of cantors. He has poured his knowledge and teaching soul into the pages of this book, and all of us who teach Nusa owe him enormous gratitude, for future students will hear him speaking-and singing-to them through these pages."

azzan Joel Caplan, Instructor Jewish Theological Seminary


" . . . a truly usable reference work for home-or classroom-use."

Dr. Joseph A. Levine, Author and Scholar


" . . . a sensational work . . . An important and wonderful gift."

azzan Stephen Stein, Executive Director, The Cantor's Assembly


"This comprehensive survey of the liturgical year will be an invaluable source for cantors of all movements."  

Dr. Bruce Ruben, Dean, Hebrew Union College, School of Sacred Music

"Sefer Hadrakhah is a fabulous resource for all students of traditional Ashkenazi synagogue chant. Cantor Dr. Davidson's work is beautifully annotated, a thorough and accessible presentation of Nusa Hatefillah; a must for every cantor and Jewish musician."

Dr. Brian Mayer, Acting Dean, Hebrew College, Boston